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Toilet is part of history of human hygiene yet, toilets have always been associated with germs and the fact that we have to clean them, the fact that unlike other body functions defecation is considered very low, appalling images of public toilets don’t help either in building the perception of a toilet as a dirty place.  The Ikotoilet concept provides a different perception; that of a toilet mall and simply looks at toilets for what they are — neat solutions to social problems.

The term Ikotoilet is derived from ecological sanitation.  Iko is also a Swahili word depicting existing. Ikotoilet is a facility where the users pay a small fee to meet the operational and maintenance costs of the facilities. Ikotoilets integrates other add-ons depending on viability and context in order to ensure sustainability. Iko toilet is an initiative of Ecotact Limited, an environmental development company initiated in 2007 and founded by David Kuria a Kenyan Ashoka Fellow who is also winner of The Schwab Foundation’s Africa Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2009: the first person to get such an award in sub-Saharan Africa and a 2008 winner of Global Water Challenge. The Ikotoilet has received the Ashoka recognition 2007, Global Water Challenge finalist award 2008 by the World Toilet Organisation and an inclusion into the Hall Of Fame of Sanitation.

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